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Education Related Articles

We now have a presence on SQUIDOO! Read our first lens on Can Educational Software Fit into a Homeschool Curriculum?

Newest Articles

  • What Makes Great Spanish Language Software?
  • Knowing the Spanish language is becoming more and more important. In today's America, being somewhat fluent in Spanish can actually be considered an asset when applying for jobs in areas where many people speak Spanish as a primary language. If you want your children to have an edge in the future workforce, you need to help them learn this important language. Spanish language software is one way to help them do this, even if they are not learning Spanish in school.
    Read the entire article What Makes Great Spanish Language Software?

  • Can Math Games Really Be Used To Teach Math?

  • Can math games really be used to teach math? The answer to that is yes and no. Successfully mastering different math elements depends on many factors and processes. Teachers introduce the concepts and processes; they spend time answering questions and rephrasing material until kids grasp the subject. But most children need reinforcement to solidify math concepts and problem execution in their heads. This typically happens through classroom activities and homework. And this is where math games on computer software can come in.
    Read the entire article Can Math Games Really Be Used To Teach Math?

Past Articles

  • The Homework War: The Parents' Camp

  • School is back in session and all you can think of is the impending nightly homework battle. As a parent, you are more than half responsible for setting the stage for the battle, the strategic maneuvering and the conflict resolution. Here are some suggestions for shortening the skirmishes and for forging a lasting peace treaty. Parents have a obligations to set rules, boundaries and to try to make evening homework time run as smoothly as possible.
    Read the entire article The Homework War: The Parents' Camp

  • The Homework War: The Students' Camp

  • Previously, we addressed the responsibilities of the parents in the homework war. Now, we'll talk about the responsibilities of the student. We aren't trying to escalate the battles by calling this a war, but most parents would agree that getting homework done can make for a stressful and conflict-ridden evening. By examining the roles of the two sides involved, parents and student, and examining roles and responsibilities of each, it is possible to defuse and prevent homework battles and to create a smoother, more efficient homework united front.
    Read the entire article The Homework War: The Students' Camp

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