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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


    I don't see the "Add to the Cart" button. How can I order the software I want?
    If you don't see the "Add to the Cart" button, the item is temporarily out of stock. We hope to make this clearer in the future.

    I don't see the software I am looking for. Can you get it for me?
    Drop us an email at and we will certainly try.

    What will appear on my credit card or Paypal bill?
    Your credit card bill will list a payment to All Educational Software or to Legacy Enterprises, LLC. That is our company name.

    How can I contact you?
    The easiest way to contact us is to drop us an email at


    Mail to:
    Legacy Enterprises, 17629 Colonial Ave, Omaha,NE 68136

    Do you accept Purchase Orders from schools?
    Yes! We gladly accept purchase orders from U.S. schools and we offer FREE U.S SHIPPING!

    You do not have to set up an account with us in advance of ordering.

    Please order by:
    Faxing PO to 800-768-7352 or

    Emailing PO to: Email or

    Mailing PO to:
    Legacy Enterprises, 17629 Colonial Ave, Omaha,NE 68136

    We are an academic institution and can't order with a credit card. How can we place an order?
    The easiest way is to create a PO and fax it to 800-768-7352. You may also email it to or send to the address above. Either way, please be sure to include:
    Ship to information, including a contact phone number
    Bill to information, including your accounts receivables phone number
    Item name & number

    Please visit our School Software section for more information.

U.S. Shipping

    How is the software shipped?
    To keep shipping costs low, software shipped to the U.S. will be shipped either First Class by the US Postal System, by UPS or by a new hybrid system called USPS/UPS Innovations, where the package is shipped by one company for part of the distance and by the other company for the rest of the distance.

    I would like to have my purchase expedited, but don't see an option on the checkout page.
    We offer 2 other options for U.S. shipping:

    • 2 day $20
    • 1 day $25

    You must call in your order to 888-763-6446 if you would like expedited shipping and these options and prices apply to orders placed before 11AM EST.

    When will my software arrive?
    The USPS says their packages are delivered in 7-10 business days, but most of our shipments arrive in 3-5 business days. We kindly request that you wait the 7-10 days before contacting us regarding a late/lost shipment. After that, we will be glad to look into your shipment for you.

    Why didn't I didn't get an email saying my product has been shipped?
    We email every customer when their software has shipped. It is possible that the mail was returned (failed) to us or that our email to you ended up in your spam or bulk folder.


International Shipping

    RETURN POLICY FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS will accept international returns for defective software ONLY. Software is deemed “defective” only after first trying to resolve the issue with our technical services department.
    If the product does not perform for you or function as you expected, please send us an email right away at Our technical support service will send you a brief questionnaire aimed at uncovering some of the common reasons software doesn't perform as expected. You will get a reply with either instructions to make the software work or how to return your software for a replacement.
    Please be sure you have all of the system requirements before ordering your software. Returns will not be given for an incorrect operating system.

Gift certificates

    May I purchase a gift certificate?
    YES! You can purchase one in denominations of $25, $50, $75 or $100 by visiting Gift Certificates

    How do I know what the balance is on my gift certificate?
    Drop us an email at or call 888-763-6446 and we will look up your gift certificate balance.


    Why don't all the items have a discount price listed?
    In an effort to offer the lowest prices to our customers, we mark our items down to as close to our wholesale price as possible. If an item is already offered close to our wholesale price, we are unable to reduce the price further.

    What will be the packaging of my software, box or jewel case?
    Our software is packaged in a box, jewel case or sleeve. It depends on availability from the publisher and on whatever is the best buy for the money for our customers. In the future, as we all move toward resource conservation, I think we will see a move away from large boxes that contain a single CD. More software will be provided in a sleeve or jewel case.

    Are the CDs networkable or can site licenses be purchased?
    The software that is licensed for multiple users states that in the title of the CD. If it doesn't state it, then that CD may only be used on one computer at a time. Generally, our software is not downloadable and the CD must be present in the CD drive for the software to run.

    Why do you sell software that works on old operating systems?
    While we update our software with new arrivals weekly, we continue to sell software that runs on old operating systems due to demand. A piece of software that only works on very old Mac operating systems, may still work fine on Windows XP which is still a very popular PC operating system.

    The All Educational Software site says that my CD will run on Vista, but the CD case/box doesn't list Vista on the System Requirements.
    This is a matter of the packaging being printed prior to the release of Vista. If our site says it runs on Vista, then that is what the software publisher has told us...with 99.9% certainty. If we have listed a piece of software as Vista compatible and it does not run on your Vista system, we will exchange it for you.

    How do I know if a piece of software will run on Vista 64 bit or on Windows 7?
    We suggest you visit The Microsoft Windows Vista Compatibility Center . Choose the option to search for software at the top of the page then choose the option to search for Vista 64 bit on the left navigation bar or choose the Windows 7 option. Then return to All Educational Software and check that our site carries it and order!

    I have a MacIntosh computer and the software says it will run on OS 10 in Classic Mode. I have OS 10.4, will it run on my computer?
    You will need to check your computer's capabilities to see if the "Classic" mode is available. To do this, click on the Apple in the upper right hand corner of your screen, click "System Preferences", then "System", then "Classic". An option for OS 9 to run at start up must be available and enabled. This option must exist and must be selected. Unfortunately there is no way for us to know if the option is available on your computer. You must confirm this yourself.

    The "Classic" mode is a way of running an installed earlier operating system on the OSX machine. If you are not sure if you have it available, then you probably do not and the programs will not run.

    If you do have it and can enable it, "probably" the software will run, but OS 10.4 may not support all programs that run in OS X classic mode.

    For more information see these sites on Mac Classic Mode


    Why does my new software recommend that I disable my anti-virus protection before installing?
    Anti-virus programs as well as anti-spyware programs (anti-malware) work two different ways:

    • The anti-malware tools scan for known patterns of data on your hard disk, and if enabled, in the data that's arriving on your computer via the network or media such as CDs and USB keys. Those patterns are also called "signatures"; they're what a piece of malware "looks like". If the anti-malware scanner sees something that looks like a virus it can then take appropriate action.
    • The tools also monitor for specific types of behavior that malware is known to perform. The simplest example is malware which overwrites your browser's home page in order to hijack it. Most malware scanners will monitor for any attempts to change your home page, and will often either alert you, or simply block the attempt.

    Anti-virus programs most often work the first way, and anti-spyware tools work the second, but it's safest to assume that all anti-malware tools may operate using both techniques as well as others.

    Regarding software installation:
    When you run a setup program it may do many different things including:

    • writing program files into Windows folders
    • writing entries into the Windows registry
    • adding "auto-start" entries that launch programs whenever you boot your computer or login
    • starting, stopping or installing Windows services
    • deleting other files relating to the program being set up, typically older versions

    ... and much more

    Here's the problem: all of those things are often exactly what malware does. And some anti-malware scanners aren't always completely accurate at telling the difference.

    If your anti-malware program blocks or interferes with a program installation you may end up with a failed install. Or worse, something that looks like a "successful" install that doesn't really work.

    That is why almost all software installation programs now recommend that you turn off your anti-malware scanners before the install to avoid any of these "false positives" that might cause a problem with the installation.

    And whether they explicitly state it or not, they mean turn it off for the duration of the installation process and be sure to turn it back on when the installation is complete, or you'll be running unprotected from then on.


    I ordered the wrong CD for my operating system. What do I do?
    If you have not opened the software, you may exchange it as specified in the answer above.

    If the software has been opened, we are unable to exchange your software and you are free to resell it or give it to anyone who can use it. We will, however, offer you free shipping on your next purchase if you email us at or call 888-763-6446. You will find that these are the same return policies at larger sellers of software such as Staples and Walmart and are driven by the fact that our distributors will not take the products back from us once opened.

    My CD doesn't work. What do I do?
    Send an email to or call 888-763-6446 and tell us that your software isn't working. Our technical support service will send you a brief questionnaire aimed at uncovering some of the common reasons software doesn't perform as expected. You will get a reply with either instructions to make the software work or how to return your software for a replacement.

Returns on U.S. orders

    What is the return policy for U.S. customers?
    If you have not opened the box, you can return the product to us for refund, credit or replacement within 14 days, no questions asked.

    You must return the product to us undamaged AND in perfect condition. The product must be unregistered, and with all manuals and enclosures that shipped with the product. If it is a Retail Box product, you must return it in a protective cardboard box or other similar shipping carton like the one we used to ship it to you originally.

    If the above conditions are met, we will issue a refund of your purchase price. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Contact us

    How can I contact you?

    The easiest way to contact us is to drop us an email at


    Mail to:
    Legacy Enterprises, LLC
    17629 Colonial Ave
    Omaha, NE 68136

Free shipping to continental U.S. and worldwide shipping through Bongo
We gladly accept purchase orders from U.S. educational institutions.